Leona Françoise Caanen
A passion for translating life onto paper, Leona Françoise is an experienced writer and editor.
Familiar with the demands and ways of a creative process, Leona works to combine the intricacies and delicacies of literary art with the loud and rough experiences of life. The result: a beautiful balance between the excitement of the adventure and the soothing of familiar words.

The result, thus far, besides numerous online articles, a few in print, is two published books: On My Way: 800 Kilometres to Destination Self, and most recently Being Human: Create Life By Your Own Design.
Being Human
Excerpts from my latest book Being Human: Create Life By Your Own Design, as well as new interviews-turned-stories, to be showcased here and as a part of my next book.

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What Collaborators and Clients are saying
Marja Pronk
CEO & Founder of Health Care Consultancy
Through her focused and determined work ethic we have efficiently managed numerous professionally written reports together. Working with Leona is a joy and gives a great sense of teamwork, giving you the support to successfully manage numerous projects.
Christiaan Caanen
Managing Director at Global Young Leaders
Leona has played a crucial role in the building of the Global Young Leaders organization brand through her social media efforts. Her content, creativity, and sleek design has doubled our following base in the span of 6 months and given the GYL communication a unifying recognizable design. Her efforts have substantially increased the quality of how we communicate to our follower base.
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