Leona Françoise
CEO & Founder
Creator, writer, editor, published author.

International upbringing. Global citizen. World traveller. Polyglot.
Open-minded. Creative. Passionate. Kind.

BA from the American University of Paris ('19)

Leona Françoise CV/Resume
Leona Françoise
Creating connection through communication.
It is no accident that the company and its founder share a name. The name is meant to represent not just the female entrepreneur who runs it, but is also meant to portray the passion, skill, and personal aspect of the business.

After spending the past 7+ years on an editing and writing journey, with an array of topics ranging from politics and climate change to travel and personal life, establishing my own business seemed only natural.

The company was founded in 2020. After spending the larger portion of the pandemic-year filled with personal creative writing work, editing big reports, and thinking about the future, it became evident that writing and editing is what I want to be doing for a living.
The founder, Leona Françoise, is a young, international woman who has lived in five different countries, growing up multi-lingual. My international upbringing has led me to have an open mind and a global perspective, always feeling curious about new places, topics, and things, and looking for ways to share adventures with the world.

After obtaining a BA in International and Comparative Politics at the American University of Paris in 2019, I have been experiencing life and finding ways to capture it in my writing. If you're curious for some more personal work you can either check out my blog: Leona, or my Medium.
My passion is to help you share your ideas, creations, and message with the world in a way thats qualitative, simple, and represents you.
High quality
I only create content of the highest quality, dedicating the necessary time and energy to ensure your message, goal, and passion are clear.
One of the most important values of working together at Leona Françoise is to have an experience that fits your personal needs.
LF is available for work any- and everywhere. Writing and editing isn't limited by physical borders or timezones.
Bountiful Experience
I hold 7+ years of writing experience and 8+ years of editing experience, allowing me to develop expertise for both small projects (articles, blog posts) and bigger works (novels, professional dossiers).
Unique Timelines
Each project requires its own timeline. I take the time to sit down together and create a project timeline and organise tune-in meetings as best fits your unique creative endeavour.
Diverse Writing Platforms
At LF, I have the ability to assist your creation on many diverse writing tools, including Word, Pages, Google Docs, Adobe InDesign & more.
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