Top Reasons to Let
Leona Françoise Edit
With almost a decade of editing experience in perfecting copy, I excel in the art of editing copy.
High Quality
Quality holds high importance; both in the written aspect and in regards to content.
Passion & Skill
LF has been a passionate editor for over 8 years, becoming skilled in the art of editing.
Bountiful Experience
With 8+ years of editing experience with all kinds of published works, in many diverse content areas.
Copy Editing
Ensure your content is spotless and professional.
Any Type & Length
I can edit content of any length - whether a blog post, magazine article, or book.
English, Dutch, & Translations
I offer copy editing in UK English, US English, and Dutch for both lengthier and shorter content. I also translate from one into the other (English & Dutch).
Any Field
I can copy edit any type of content, whether digital or print. LF has the expertise to edit creative and professional content.
Content Editing
For assistance with the creative flow of written works - ensuring your message comes across in a way that's clear and representative of who you are.
With Leona Françoise it's all possible.
Creative Flow
Writing is a personal creation, but sometimes you need an outside push to help you perfect your message.

Communicating Your Message
We offer written copy for many diverse types of mediums (websites, blog posts, articles, essays, or short stories) as well as content.
Contact Leona Françoise for any inquiries or collaborations

E-mail: leona@leona.francoise.com
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