I've provided some insight into the most frequently asked questions about working with Leona Françoise. If you didn't find the answer here, I'll be glad to help you via e-mail. Write to me at
I want a consultation, what does it cost?
The first 30-minute consultation is completely free! I take the time to get to know each client and project. This 30-minute window is meant to cover the basics and see whether we are the right fit for one another.
How do you calculate your tarifs?
Tarif rates depend largely on the project. For smaller projects I prefer to work a per-hour basis, while for bigger projects I prefer to work with either a base rate or a full-project rate, which often allows for more financial clarity for the client.
The rate is also affect by the complexity of the project.
A 30-minute free consultation will allow you to get a better idea of the budget
What makes something a big or small project?
Factors included in the consideration are the (expected) length of the piece, anticipated amount of hours (this differs for editing and writing), as well as the complexity of the content (writing).
How to become a partner or sponsor of the organisation or a project
Send an email to leona@leona-francoise.com, with 'partnership' or 'sponsorship' in the subject line. Tell me about what your idea or vision is and we can look for ways to make it work!
Contact Leona Françoise for any inquiries or collaborations

E-mail: leona@leona.francoise.com
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