Creation through Communication
Written communication is one of the most beautiful ways to share who we are; our message and our goal in life, work, and in creating.
As communication has moved online and onto social channels, properly getting our message across in a quick and concise manner, but which still manages to translate our energy to the consumer is an art, and when done well, leads to beautiful creations.
At Leona Françoise, my mission is to assist your creative process
by communicating your ideas to the world.
Whether a clear, concise piece or a longer, in-depth literary work, for your project, products, or creative endeavours.
Ghost Writing
Have Leona Françoise write quality content for your website, blog, paper, or other.

Copy Editing
Make your creation the best it can be by getting an expert eye to edit it.
Content Editing
Ensuring your story is clear and easy to understand, while holding on to your personal charm.
Leona Françoise can help you work more effectively
My passion is to help you share your ideas, creations, and message with the world in a way thats qualitative, simple, and represents you.
One of the most important values of working together at Leona Françoise is to have an experience that fits your personal needs.
LF is available for work any- and everywhere. Writing and editing isn't limited by physical borders or timezones.
High Quality
I only create content of the highest quality, dedicating the necessary time and energy to ensure your message, goal, and passion are clear.
Bountiful Experience
I hold 7+ years of writing experience and 8+ years of editing experience, allowing me to develop expertise for both small projects (articles, blog posts) and bigger works (novels, professional dossiers).
Unique Timelines
Each project requires its own timeline. I take the time to sit down together and create a project timeline and organise tune-in meetings as best fits your unique creative endeavour.
Diverse Writing Platforms
At LF, I have the ability to assist your creation on many diverse writing tools, including Word, Pages, Google Docs, Adobe InDesign & more.
Latest Project
On My Way: 800 Kilometres to Destination Self
"Meeting yourself anew can be daunting, but doing so while hiking 800 kilometres across Northern Spain can be life-changing. Aged 19, Leona grabbed her backpack and headed to St. Jean Pied-de-Port, in southern France, and commenced her 35-day trek. The road filled itself with beautiful nature and small towns, blisters and bruises, meaningful conversations with travellers from all over the world, and the endless opportunity of meeting oneself over and over again. Each moment of laughter, joy, doubt, frustration and perseverance leading not just to the grand arrival in Santiago de Compostela, but also to the revelation that you are the creator of your own life.

Dive in and experience the Camino through the eyes of Leona. From making the decision to travel, to spending nights in rooms with strangers, to returning to life's daily rhythm. The Camino is not just about enjoying a fantastic travel experience, but about discovering your own path in life."
The Company & it's Founder
About Leona Françoise
The company & its founder, do not just share a name, but a passion for quality writing and content.

A long journey, with over 7 years of experience in both writing and editing, the creation of the company seemed only the natural way forward.
What Clients are Saying
Marja Pronk
CEO & Founder of Health Care Consultancy
Through her focused and determined work ethic we have efficiently managed numerous professionally written reports together. Working with Leona is a joy and gives a great sense of teamwork, giving you the support to successfully manage numerous projects.
Christiaan Caanen
Managing Director at Global Young Leaders
Leona has played a crucial role in the building of the Global Young Leaders organization brand through her social media efforts. Her content, creativity, and sleek design has doubled our following base in the span of 6 months and given the GYL communication a unifying recognizable design. Her efforts have substantially increased the quality of how we communicate to our follower base.

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