Why Choose Leona Françoise
Creating quality content every day & sharing it with the world in a way that best suits your unique personal or professional style.
Copy Editing
For written works that require editing - available in English & Dutch.
Content Editing
For assistance with the creative flow of written works - ensuring your message comes across in a way that's clear and representative of who you are.
For all your writing needs, short or long, creative or structured.
Ghost Writing
When in need for creative content for your journal/blog/creative medium.
Leona Françoise can help you work more effectively
My passion is to help you share your ideas, creations, and message with the world in a way thats qualitative, simple, and represents you.
One of the most important values of working together at Leona Françoise is to have an experience that fits your personal needs.
LF is available for work any- and everywhere. Writing and editing isn't limited by physical borders or timezones.
High Quality
I only create content of the highest quality, dedicating the necessary time and energy to ensure your message, goal, and passion are clear.
Bountiful Experience
I hold 7+ years of writing experience and 8+ years of editing experience, allowing me to develop expertise for both small projects (articles, blog posts) and bigger works (novels, professional dossiers).
Unique Timelines
Each project requires its own timeline. I take the time to sit down together and create a project timeline and organise tune-in meetings as best fits your unique creative endeavour.
Diverse Writing Platforms
At LF, I have the ability to assist your creation on many diverse writing tools, including Word, Pages, Google Docs, Adobe InDesign & more
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