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About Leona
The line between personal and professional, between private and work seem to blur the more we grow and live our life. For me, much of this mixing is done in my writing. I write medical dossiers and reports, often in collaboration with doctors & experts in the field. But I also write about life, travel, joy, grief, love, and being human.
These writings are spread all over the internet, all over my private social media and my professional online pages. This online portfolio is the attempt at holding everything in one place and giving a special highlight to the projects I'm currently most proud of.
As a literary creative, my portfolio holds a large mix of books, online articles, and reports. Finding a place to house them all can be tough, especially as many are published across different platforms throughout the digital world.

This online portfolio is meant to be a record of all the work I have published, as well as specifically highlighting the pieces I'm very proud of or feel are important for you to read.

The only pieces you won't find in this professional portfolio are my personal blog entries. Those can be enjoyed here.
Published Books
Published Reports
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