Creating Leona Françoise

I’ve always been a writer. Whether it’s letters, birthday cards, poems, or longer written works, I’ve had a way with words. And not always in the essay-writing sense – I did good on those too but my creativity and skill really revealed itself when it was about non-school related work. I wasn’t just good at writing, I greatly enjoyed (and still do) spending time on it; whether it was writing in my journal, making a card or writing a story. And in every language I’ve learned, mastered, I’ve created in. Not always something grand, but being able to share my passion with more people in different languages only increased my love for it.

Once I got to university, I had the opportunity to properly discover my love for editing as well. Before, in high school, this had been a door just slightly pushed ajar due to my experience with the school’s yearbook. Now, this door was flung wide open and stepping through I felt like I found my calling.

I adore both writing and editing. And my first year at university I developed my writing, before using the last year and a half to focus more on my editing skills. There is just something about creating through language, words, writing, that has continuously drawn me in and consumed me.

My Medium page and the true start of my blogging career.

Having graduated university, I found more time to focus on my writing and did so by creating a Medium page. And while the first three months were great and made me motivated to share my work, I soon started to feel limited and uninspired – a nightmare for any writer. There was something about the Medium platform, that even though it is a great platform, didn’t make me feel free enough regarding the type of content I wanted to post – or rather, Medium didn’t feel personal enough. I evaluated my options and realised that starting my own blog would be the perfect opportunity to create a space online where I can 100% express myself – to write about the things that intrigue me, about the things I want to share with the world regarding life, travel and being human. And so Leona, my blog, was created.

Now its almost a full 12 months later and I have done loads and loads of reflecting on my life and brainstorming on what direction I want to go in. In that process I decided that one of my goals would be to share my writing and editing skills and passion with the world, to be able to help other people express their ideas, stories and messages.

My personal blog: Leona

While in figuring out the best execution method, such as setting up my own business, website and social media accounts, something else dawned on me. I had a third skill that I could share with others in order to help them express themselves: communication. I’ve been active on almost all social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest and Mighty Networks just to name a few), and have vast experience with each of these platforms and how to utilise them both for individual and business purposes.

In April 2020 I started working with the non-profit Global Young Leaders (GYL) and jumped into the role of Head of Communications. The small start-up, which required (and still requires) all hands-on-deck of every team member, has allowed me to thrive in creating, editing and designing social media content. Yet my role has not been limited to simple social media: all the communication that I do on the numerous, different platforms includes the careful consideration of many diverse aspects and their influences (brand image, presentation, wording, etc.). I’ve also had the opportunity to be in charge of creating a brand-new community platform for the organisation (using Mighty Networks) and have, in the span of six weeks, not just learned how to use the platform, but also how to create a community and all the factors that need to be included in order for it to thrive, what to share and what to save until later.

Six of the nine new workshop launch on the Global Young Leaders Instagram

Due to my vast and diverse experience over the past couple of years in each of the three different areas, and the excitement that I continuously feel when working on any of the three, made me feel a strong urge, a desire, to share my skills and passions with others: to assist others in editing, writing or managing or organising the communication(s) of their project(s) while they can focus on the parts they are passionate.

If you’re looking for help, assistance, a passionate advisor or want some more information, reach out via the Contact page.