Leona Françoise

An enthusiastic world traveler who loves reading, writing and engaging with fellow humans. I have a strong desire to meet and write about people and life experiences.

I have a vast experience in both writing and editing, for online platforms as well as print. My goal is to be able to use these skills on a daily basis and to be able turn my passion into my every day work.


Leona Françoise

My name is Leona Françoise. I am a Dutch native, but grew up internationally across four countries, learning seven languages, of which I am fluent in four. My international experience has granted me the opportunity to see the world through a new lens.
Every person I have met has provided me with diverse, new insights through their nationality and origin story. Each person has helped shape me into who I am today. I love sharing my experiences and writing about the people I meet, hence the passion for writing and the creation of my own blog: Leona.

Based online and internationally, my goal is to both write and edit for a living. I enjoy writing about a wide range of topics: from my personal life to lifestyle and life-issues to politics and current events. I have a background in International Politics, which has given me the opportunity to write in an educated manner about political issues. I also have vast experience in writing and editing articles for both online and print.

I decided to create my own platform where I share my personal writing projects and my professional writing and editing business. I believe that showing you both creative sides of me, gives you a better idea of my writing style, where I find my creativity, and how I look at the writing process as a whole. My goal is to share the projects I have worked on (when allowed) to give you insight into the experience I have gained in my writing and editing.

My communication skills come from the vast experience I have obtained in the past few years. While I started out mastering social media for personal benefit, I quickly got the opportunity to utilise my skills for a professional purpose. I became the communications director at a start-up (GYL), and have worked on other social media projects occasionally.

If you need an experienced and enthusiastic writer or editor for your projects, or are looking for someone to assist, give tips, or manage your (social) media, whether it be personal or professional, I am your person.

For inquiries and more information, please email me at leona@leona-francoise.com.

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